How To Stop Bad Breath

Simple steps can be taken to prevent the occurrence of bad breath

Look after your oral hygiene

Tackle the causes of bad breath by keeping up your daily oral care routine:
Brush your teeth after each meal
Floss daily
Use a daily mouthwash
You can get rid of bacteria by brushing the back of your tongue where the taste buds are most visible, and the inside of your cheek and the palate. Using a mouthwash like LISTERINE® as part of your daily routine, will help kill the germs that cause bad breath.

The role of saliva

Saliva acts as a cleansing mechanism for your mouth. Citrus fruits (oranges and lemons) and fibre-rich foods like fibrous vegetables stimulate the production of saliva.
Chewing sugar free mint or flavoured chewing-gum may be able to temporarily mask bad breath and stimulate the production of saliva.